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Welcome to HNP International Seminar!

Associated Seminar is one of the offering from HNP International.

Joining HNP International Seminar and further join H Club, people will have chances to learn, widen their networks, and maximize the opportunities and cooperation. Furthermore, people will enjoy memorable moments at the seminars through their exciting and innovative activities and topics, which would offer updated information about the economy as well as market situation in Vietnam and others countries in the world. From that, the firms can figure out how their business can move forward in the context of the changing market, the officers could decide how to optimize their specialty, enhance their ability and management at workplaces, or look for new opportunities… all are aligning with the dynamic economy situation in the 21 century.

We again welcome you to the HNP International Seminar! We welcome you to join the most dynamic Seminars in Vietnam and in the world together with our experts!

HNP International Seminar.

If you might need any assistant to joint our Seminars, or to further joint our H Club, please kindly call our Hotline 090 6767 384 to immediately reach us!

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