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Together with HNP International to integrate the World of Music from Mar 2015!


HNP International is very honor to support the Music Event – “Thầy & Trò – Những Đồng Nghiệp Lần thứ 4 / 2015” of the Conservatory of Ho Chi Minh City – Performance center, Department of Light Music!






The event will be on Mar 28th 2015, 8PM, and at the Music Center of the Conservatory of Ho Chi Minh City – 112 Nguyen Du HCMC.


This is the Premium Music Event with different styles of Music that create the exciting and memorable moment to the audiences. Especially, there are the participants of the guests who are the local and foreign artists.


This is the Music Integrating Activity of HNP International. We will continuously offer you our upcoming Integrating Activities such as Music, Golf, Travel, Fashion, and Dining; by which there are all aligning with our value offer – “Education – Seminar – Integration”


The “HNP Logo Creation Competition” happened nationwide last October 2014. The representative of HNP International was processing the Competition by sending invitations to many organizations such as Art Creation Centers, the University of Fine Arts, the University of Architecture HCMC, Advertising Companies, etc. through the nation.

In November 2014, the Prestigious President of HNP International – Dr. Robertson attended the “VIII International Guide” conference in Brazil, and he was the feature speaker with the key topic – “ Science and Technology, Management and Quality: The future of distance education in Brazil and around the world".

In the end of Dec 2014, the Senior Consulting Director of HNP Internatinonal – Mr. Dai Pham Cong had a meeting with partners at his office in the Transamerica – Financial Advisor, Inc. in the United States. During the meeting, Mr. Dai Pham Cong was also introducing about the economic and education situation in Vietnam. There is great potential to invest in the education field for the young generation in Vietnam, he said.

On the morning of 5th Jan 2015, Mr. Dai Pham Cong had a visit and conducted a class at the Chiang Mai Iniversity in the context of sharing the plan for students after graduating the University.

In Jan 2015, the new year started with the important milestone in the prestige music life of the Conductor – Meritorious Artist, Hoang Diep. She officially joined to the HNP International Management Board as the Dean of Music and Senior Music Art Director.

In Jan 2015, the Conductor – Meritorious Artist - Hoang Diep joined the HNP International Management Board in the role of “Dean of Art” and “Music Education Director”. She shared that this is a new exciting challenge for her in the New Year 2015; in other words; it was the latest “Symphony” in her Music life and career. Why? She added that it is the latest “Symphony” with its “New Musical Notes” such as “Sharing”, “Learning”, “Integrating” in the context of mixing her experience and her forever passion in music! and the latest “Symphony” that would be delivered to people who joint HNP International.

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