(Applied from 1st Jan 2015)


The Regulation of HNP International Education is to ensure the quality of the courses offered. Trainees are requested to pay attention to the regulations below.

1.  Register and Transfer
Be on time.
A (one) transfer is allowed to other similar courses, but no transfer is allowed in case that the courses have started.

2.  Fees
No refund or transfer to other people is allowed, but transfer to other similar courses is allowed. In this case, the trainee needs to pay the difference to join the new higher course fees but no refund is allowed for lower fees courses.
The trainee must complete 100% of the payment 2 (two) weeks prior to the start date for needed course’s arrangements.

3.  Other
Have responsibilities to protect the facilities at the course room and must pay the compensation for any damage caused by the trainees.
No smoking, use of hand phones, drugs during class. Keep the course room clean. Comply with fire regulations.
To be tidy, respect the lecturer and others during the course section.

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