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Welcome to HNP International Education!

Today, Vietnam has opened its economic opportunities by welcoming the cooperation and investments from many others countries in the world, from which the establishment of the multinational companies has been significantly increasing in Vietnam. Likewise, we are also very proud of the many local enterprises and their products that have also joined the market to satisfy the diversity of the society and its demanding market. The result is that the local market has become more competitive, developing, dynamic, and modern. From that, it has been challenging for many firms and their management as well as managers on how to confront such changes in the context of highly competitive and modern market economy.  

As so, are you preparing your professional and management skills to integrate into the new market, from which, you further develop your specialty, your career prospect, and create the competitive advantage for your firm?

Once you join HNP International Education, the coaching will enrich the professional and management skills for people through courses such as Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Advertising and Communication, Financial and Accounting, Forex, Human Resource, Project Management, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Leadership Skills, etc.

You will recognize that the course will not take a long time to interfere with the limited time of the common people. It is easy for them to understand and adapt lessons at workplace and life. Why? The “Short Courses” are based on the Essence of “Over 20 Years Experience” of the management members and partners of HNP International.

By joining HNP International Education and beyond the H Club, people will have more chances to Learn and gather the sharing from the experts, to widen the network through the Seminars, the Integration with its modern and updated activities in the context of learning, sharing, networking, and integrating all over the world.

By the end, the above practice values would be the “Home of Prosperity” of each individual, firm, and multiply to the whole society because the “Home of Prosperity” for a society gathering from such contributions. And that is also the key principle of actions of HNP International Education.

We again welcome you to HNP International Education! We welcome you to join the advanced courses of the 21st century together with our experts!

HNP International Education.

If you need any assistance to join our courses, to join our Lecture Team, or to further join our H Club, please kindly call our Hotline 090 6767 384 to immediately reach us!

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