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Greeting to the firms! Welcome to HNP International Education!

Today, Vietnam has opened its economic opportunities by welcoming the cooperation and investments from many others countries in the world, from which the establishment of the multinational companies have been significantly increasing in Vietnam. Likewise, we are also very proud of the many local enterprises and products that have also joined the market to satisfy the diversity of society and its demanding market. As a result, the local market has become more competitive, developing, dynamic, and modern. From that, the management of any firm would want its staffs to be professional and proficient to confront such changes in the context of highly competitive and modern market economy. 

As so, the firms that decide to use corporate training offers from HNP International Education and its professors and experts, the firms will be secure about their staffs’ quality in both professional skills and expertise after the courses. HNP International Education offers the training courses that are based on the latest lessons from the United States and from the consultants of its experts. Furthermore, there are different “case studies” that fit with the specific business model to further coach staffs in the workplace.

At HNP International, the firm and its staffs will be offering vast experience and expertise in areas such as Marketing, Sales, Public Relation, Advertising and Communication, Financial and Accounting, Forex, Human Resource, Project Management, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Leadership Skills, etc.

In fact, the manpower of a firm that keeps strongly developing in both professional skills and expertise would be the “Home of Prosperity” for that firm to further reach Success and Prosperity! And that is also the key principle of actions of HNP International Education.

We again welcome you to HNP International Education!

HNP International Education.

If you need any assistance about Corporate Training, or to further join our H Club, please kindly contact us through the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Hotline 090 6767 384 to immediately reach us!

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