Meaning of the Slogan

The slogan of the HNP International is the “Home of Prosperity”

The HNP International Vietnam's value is the offering of Education, Sharing, Cooperating, and integrating. In fact, those are the important “Home of Prosperity” values for people who need to constantly practice to develop them and to reach the prosperity. Furthermore, the development and prosperity of each individual, group of individuals, or firms also contribute to the prosperity of their organizations and multiply to whole society because the “Home of Prosperity” for a society gathering from such contributions.

The vision of individuals and firms multiply to whole society, which also leads to Prosperity.

With its core values of offering the Education, Sharing, Cooperating, and integrating, HNP International will, together with each individual, firm and organizations reach to Prosperity for the whole society.

From that, with the slogan - "Home of Prosperity", HNP International will use it as its key principle of actions in the context of learning, sharing, cooperating, and integrating trends in Vietnam as well as in the world.

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