HNP International

Welcome to HNP International!

HNP International is a professional association model that offers Education, Seminar, and Integration activities in Vietnam. It uniquely offers a complete process of training, leveraging the lessons, and further maximizing the knowledge through the cooperating and exchanging experience at the seminars and enhancing working and life experience through the integration of activities in Vietnam and globally.

HNP International offers advanced lessons with consultants of the Professors, Doctors, Experts, CEO, etc. from the home of education like United States, Singapore, etc. The lessons would be very updated and realistic in the workplace and life such as Marketing, Sales, Public Relation, Advertising and Communication, Financial and Accounting, Forex, Human Resource, Project Management, Negotiation, Communication skills, etc.

HNP International Vietnam is established based on the ambitions of its management members who are the Professors Doctors from United States and Asia, the Master, the CEO, the Managing Director, the Head of Departments of multinational Companies and Enterprises in Vietnam. Coming from different countries, the management members have ambition, which is they are thirsty for dedicating their experience to the development of other people and for the development of the whole society.

With its slogan as “Home of Prosperity”, HNP International wishes to contribute to each individual and firm the advanced training model in the context of reaching higher success and prosperity. Importantly, the development and prosperity of individuals, groups of individuals, or many firms that also contribute to the prosperity of a society, it is because that the “Home of Prosperity” for a society gathering from such contributions. The slogan of HNP International is its key principle of actions toward the trend of sharing, cooperating, and integrating in Vietnam and all over the world.

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